Maternal Acupuncture


What is Maternal Acupuncture for? The well-being of the mum before, during and after pregnancy is essential for the baby’s health.

Healthy mum, happy baby.

Acupuncture helps solving health issues with no side effects for mums and babies during pregnancy and breastfeeding, both of them moments during which taking drugs is not recommended: before pregnancy it helps women reach an optimal state to conceive, treats fertility issues or comes along with assisted fertilisation processes.

During pregnancy it treats problems such as nausea, sciatica, haemorrhoids, anaemia, insomnia, reflux, constipation or any other pathology that women may suffer during pregnancy. It is effective to turn the baby from a breech presentation and to induce labour.

During postpartum and breastfeeding QiPoint provides solutions to hypogalactia (low milk production), mastitis or emotional disorders following childbirth.

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