• Esther Martínez: mum and paediatrician

    I combine Eastern and Western medical knowledge to solve, relieve and prevent both children's and mum's physical and emotional health problems.

  • Healthy mum, happy baby

    The well-being of the mum before, during and after pregnancy is essential for the baby's health.

  • We take care of our little ones’ health

    The acupuncture for children makes use of very delicate and painless techniques to get the best results.

  • Delicate techniques, effective results

    Accupunture techniques provide excellent and surprisingly fast results among children.

Tender acupuncture for kids & mums

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  • Paediatric Acupuncture

    In QiPoint we deal with children's physical and emotional problems, whether Sharp or chronic, with delicate techniques, fast results and no side effects 

    Maternal Acupuncture

    Acupuncture is ideal for treating fertility issues, coming along with assisted fertilisation processes and relieving pain during pregnancy and postpartum avoiding the use of drugs.

    My patients’ opinion

    In QiPoint we take care of every detail and dearly value our patients' opinions in order to improve day by day. Read what they have to say about us or contact us to leave your comment. 
  • Esther Martínez

    Paediatrician, expert in Acupuncture by Harvard Medical School and professor at the M.S. in Acupuncture of the University of Barcelona.


    Health and well-being for the whole family. 
We provide specialised attention for babies, children and mums, nonetheless, everyone is welcome to make an appointment.
  • Contact

    Dr. Esther Martinez sees patients at:

    Dirección: Av. Santa Cruz, 647, Miraflores. Lima
    Citas: (+51) 4418333
    Email: esther@qipoint.net
    Website: www.qipoint.net

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